Muslim School Mission Statement –

Our Mission @

All People are Born a Muslim (a Person in Submission to God) 

Muslim School is the People’s School, For the People, by the People.

Our Mission & Calling is:

1) To Advance People’s Health & Education, Bridging borders & barriers for Students, Graduates, Teachers and Parents

2) To Double the followers of Islam, Starting with Ourselves at home with daily live Beginners Arabic Alphabet and Muslim prayer classrooms, for People to experience the Tranquility and Love of Our Creator 

3) To Generate New Doctors to New Builders of Masjids, Lawyers to Leaders, A to Z of new Technology Training For A Smarter, More United, Healthier Community

Vision @

More than a Billion People Everyday want to be Good Muslims, we want to provide the Resources, Tools, Technologies, Trainings, and Teachers to be the Best Muslims You Can be Everyday!

Our Goals

1)  To Educate Muslims on being Healthy and Vaccinated (Our father, Allah Yarhamu), who always taught us Islam, recently passed 10/21 from covid, a few months later, God blessed us to co-found with our remaining family members.   

2) To Donate the net Course Proceeds to Our Community and from our Top Teachers and Leaders, invite to be President, Director, Principal, Board Members, Advisors, and more. Love makes a Home, a Community makes a School

3) To Provide Equal Education for Girls and Boys, Teens, Adults, and Elderly from any background.

4) To Recognize, Incentivize, and Reward Top Muslim Students and Teachers Worldwide

5) To increase the quality and quantity of Global Muslim Education & GDP with Modern & Advanced Job Training

6) To Provide Group Support for Students, Graduates, Teachers, Parents, and Masjids

7) To Provide At Home Parents (Mommy or Daddy) & Students  Income Opportunities in Our Live Tutoring platform or Creating and Selling on our Courses Marketplace

8) To Provide a Free Career Center to Assist with Resumes, Interview Skills, ESL, Job Placement and Helping Graduate Students

9) To Provide a Virtual Gym for Remote Children to Exercise and Interactive Safe Playing with other children

10) Advancing Muslim Learning tools with 360 / 3D / Student Gaming Projects and NFT trading platform with Muslim Learning NFTs to make Education Fun and Rewarding 

What We Offer:

  • A Healthy, Remote Learning Platform for Students, Instructors, Parents, and Islamic Centers
  • For the People, By the People Community Partnership
  • Muslim Support Groups to Pool Together the Best and Brightest Brains to help All People
  • A Muslim School Library of Books, Fun Learning Games, Videos & Software Tools
  • Free Career Center to Help with Resumes/Interview Prep/and Networking
  • Compare, Review & Learn from Live Muslim Tutors & Teachers Worldwide and the Top Students and Teachers Worldwide Win Rewards
  • A Learning Platform for Muslims to Create & Sell live Education or Courses
  • You Can Bulk Import your Courses from Teachable or Udemey to
  • Keep 95% of Course Sales @ Vs. Udemey 67%)
  • Muslim Learning and Teaching Contests with Awards

Jazak Allah Khair – Contact for any comments or questions