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Your contributions fund: is a Decentralized Open Community School (DOCS) (the devolution of authority from a higher to a lower level of authority), Only the Quran and Sunnah, no countries or governments telling us what to Teach. Leadership @ is Represented by Muslim NFTs (Tokens). A limited Supply of 1 Million Muslim School NFTs have been minted, there will be a limit of 1,000 NFTs per Doner.

The Muslim NFTs are Utility Smart Contracts that represent:

  1. The Physical Asset of Part Ownership of the

  2. Governance and Voting Rights for Education and R&D

  3. Access to Muslim Games, Software, Books, School Shop and Virtual World

  4. Incentives for Muslim Students Learning

What Can a Partner Reward NFT Potentially be Worth?

Our Goal of $300 billion in Forecast Revenue from online learning marketplaces by 2026 X 24% (Muslim Population) X 5% (95% / 5% Profit sharing with instructors) X 1/1 Million (Share of 1 NFT) = $3,600.. the Sawab for Helping Educate an Orphan or refugee or new Muslims, Priceless.

100 Muslim NFTs may Equal $360,000 based on Muslim Community Development insha’Allah, we created a system where joining and contributing to the community is shared by the community

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