Shia Sunni Unity

Shia Sunni Unity

Asalamu Alykum brothers and sisters, are we really still talking about an election that happened Centuries ago?

Who Cares? Does America Care if Abraham Lincoln Was Rightfully Elected? As we’re arguing about who should’ve been elected centuries ago, we are also begging the West for Vaccines they invented because they are not wasting time or lives about whether any leader should have been elected Centuries ago, they are Appreciative For the Country they Have and Focus on Unity.

Who Cares Who the rightful Caliph was back then? We Have Been Without a Caliph For Centuries, Life Goes On Al Hamduli’Lah

Caring about leadership is only caring about Power! Prophet Muhammad said Only Allah is the Most Powerful.

Islam is a Community Development System, Not a Political System, Strive to Be the Best Community Developer.

Top 10 Reasons for Shia Sunni Unity

  1. Saves Muslim lives (Allah Yarham the millions from both sides), Lets change the Momentum to Peace, Unity, and Love!
  2. Millions of Muslims in Half a Dozen Countries on both sides would live in better conditions, more stability, better economies, less explosions, and better health for the children and families
  3. Unity is a Reflection on You, Because my name is Mohamed in America, I was once Surprised to be Yelled at by a stranger: “Go back to your country where they shoot Rockets at each other and Stay there!” My Mom wearing the Hijab was grabbed by the arm by a man while we at a US market, watching him shake her arm while I was 10, yelling at her that it’s all her fault. Much worse happens to hundreds of Muslims in the West and China, we are Stereotyped as a reflection of the Most Angry Among us, Lets Teach Love and Unity. The World Sees Both side as wrong (Just as We See the Catholic/Protestant Split as Both Wrong, But We Don’t Have 2 Books like them.. Alhamduli’Lah we Only Have 1 Quran) We both need to Unite to be Right, the “United” States see themselves as “Right”, because they are United.
  4. Everyone who took place in those elections/disputes/wars centuries ago are all dead from both sides (Allah Yarhamhum), Fast Forward to the Day of Judgement, No One from Centuries Ago Or Present Or Future will Help You Except For Yourself. To Deify Any Human is Not Taught in the Quran or Hadith because that can cause divisions, To Only Glorify Allah is how to Unite Muslims.
  5. China has learned that Community Research and Development is More Powerful than Any Bombs,  by Uniting Our Community, We Can Research and Develop together
  6. The Top 3 Richest Companies in America, Google, Apple, and Amazon, all have the Same Mantra “Think Years Ahead” (Some say 3,4, & 10 Years Ahead), Not Centuries in the Past, Moving Fast Forward Connects Us to Today’s Opportunities, Living in the Past has Left the Muslim World in a Position of Asking the West For Vaccines During a Pandemic, What if the West Continues to say no? Will you Unite Then?
  7.  Health Is More Important than Hate, Whether We Like or Dislike Someone else in the world, We Still Have to Interact with the World, with Unity, Medical Supplies and Staff can be Transported between States to Help Others or Contain Pandemics.
  8. What if Steve Jobs was a Sunni and Steve Wozniak was a Shitte? Apple would not have Generated Billions in Revenue helping Americans, Same with Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Combining All The Geniuses in Our Community, instead of continuing the Orchestrated Division and Brain Drain from the West, Lets Unite Our Geniuses From All Sects, If Both Sides Instantly Unite, Great! Why the leaders Decide to Unite, We Can Unite as Student Study Buddies, Project Partners, and more.
  9. There is Only Time For Love, With the Speed of Technological Advancements, Gentrification, Global Warming, Your Home (Allah Forbid) is Going to be Flooded, Burned, Bought by Jews or China on Hindus Sooner than you Think, It’s Happening Daily Right Now to Muslims Worldwide, Thus the Urgency to Unite and Research and Develop
  10. By Focusing on Love and Unity, We Can Start With Ourselves, Loving Our Families, Forgiving Yourselves for mistakes we made and Past Disputes with any Family members. We Can Flourish to Loving Our Communities, and Loving All Followers of the Holy Quran.

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