Muslim Research and Development

Muslim Research and Development

Asalamu Alykum brothers and sisters, the goal @ is to Advance Muslim Research and Development

To Provide Free and Easy Tools to Study and Build Synergies and Projects with Muslims worldwide

The Importance of Research and Development:

The US spent $612 billion in R&D

China spent $514 billion in R&D

Possibly the top 2 controversial countries against Muslims are spending a Combined $1+ Trillion on Research and Development

With New Technologies being Researched and Developed such as Sonic Speed Trains, Electric Cars, Cryptocurrencies, the Colonial Installed Education Systems in many Muslim countries have hindered many Muslims from researching new technologies, for example, Egypt’s French installed Education System forces students into certain degrees and careers based on their grades.

With the Internet and Remote Learning, We Invite All Muslims to break the chains of Colonial Education and Reach for the Stars. Study Virtually Any Degree or Certificate or Course You are Passionate About, Create Courses and Projects that other Muslim Students can Join

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What Top Companies Spend on Research and Development Almost all the companies spend more on R&D than any Muslim country…

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Making R&D a Muslim Culture Again

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