Mobile Sheikh

Mobile Sheikh

Bism Allah Al Rahman Al Raheem,

Asalamu Alykum brothers and sisters, Mobile Sheikh is a hybrid of  On Site and Virtual Muslim Chaplin Directory of Services and Prayer Teaching App

Our Mobile Sheikh Courses are to increase the reach and donations for Shuyukh worldwide

Our Mobile Sheikh courses will be 4 Independent Free Courses:

Course 1 (Muslim Networking) We will Teach you Network Marketing, Recruitment, and Sales Training in this Course that will help you in life and business.

You will also be helping build the Community and Get Intern Training Credits. The Goal of this Course would be to network Shuyukh worldwide on  for Live Khutbas, Weddings, Witnessing, Judgements, Funerals, Exorcisms, Masjid Fundraising, and More

Prophet Muhammad (saw) Spread Islam by traveling, can help the best among us travel worldwide.

Imams worldwide will have a marketplace for services for both live video and in person Sheikh Services.

Shuyukh will have 4 Easy Free Options when Joining: Option A)  Including Live Video Sheikh Services – Option B) Including Local In Person / At Home Mobile Sheikh Services – Option C)  Including Both Services – Local and Worldwide – Option D) Amount of Donation requested per Chaplin service

Easy Course to Help Shuyukh Help More People and Learn Professional Job Skills for Networking, Recruiting, and Sales

Course 2 (Web Development and SEO) Our Free Live Web Building Course will Teach people of all ages to learn how to build a website and SEO skill. We will be training on, currently a blank site, after training, you will have the skills to build and SEO a website.

Course 3 (App Development) Mobile Sheikh will also be an App with the Features of : A prayer learning tool with guided steps for improving prayers, and guided audio that you can click through each prayer step as a virtual prayer teacher. Shuyukh can Upload their Interactive Prayer Courses to also make extra donations.

Our Mobile App School Project will also be the Mobile Edition of our website including the directory of Virtual and In Person brothers and sisters offering Muslim Chaplin Services

Each Course is Free Live Training and Hopes to Improve Your Life and the Life of Muslims Worldwide. Completing All 3 Courses is Recommended but Optional. You Get a Free Muslim NFT for Completing all 3 training courses.

We Are Currently Pre-Registering for these Limited Free Live Courses, Contact to Pre-Register Today,  Jazak Allah Khair


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Our Mission & Calling for is to Advance Muslim Health & Education, Bridging borders & barriers for Students, Graduates, Teachers, Parents, & Islamic Centers.

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