Get a Billion Sawabs

Get a Billion Sawabs

Asalamu alykum (Peace be upon you) brothers and sisters,

In the Western Capitalistic Society, You have many Boasting about Serving a Billion, Selling a Billion, Making a Billion..

Who does that serve other than making Our Community more obese, more polluted, and more toxic…

As these Billionaires replace more humans with more robots & extinct the remaining humans off the planet…

What is the Solution for these modern day Pharaohs?  We are Blessed to have the Same Tools as the Billionaires to Get a Billion Sawabs (This life & the Next Blessings/Rewards).

Just as the Billionaires can reach a billion people to spread their malady and malaise, we can use the internet, social media, Youtube to spread the Melody and Miracles of the Holy Quran,  the message of the Holy Quran helps Promote Sharing and Caring and Helps Cure the Greed Mentality by Teaching Appreciation!

Help Cure the World with the Appreciation from the Holy Quran and Get a Billion Sawabs insha’Allah (God willing)


Mohamed Moussa Ghounem

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