Community Development

Community Development

“The Pen is Mightier than the sword” Translation:

A word is mightier than a bullet “Freedom!”

A sentence is mightier than a missile

A Teacher is mightier than a Jet

How Fast Can You Improve 100 Lives Worldwide?

With the Speed of the Internet, you can help save lives worldwide:

Giving Hope to God and Heaven Above

Giving Counseling to those in need of support

Inviting to the Straight Path

Letting people know they have brothers and sisters worldwide who care about them.

We can start with ourselves, be an example of Love, Kindness, and Community Development

Our Community Development Program is based on an Automated Incentive Partner Reward Engine where Students and Teachers Generate Muslim NFTs for Learning, Teaching, Researching, Developing, and Hiring.  The NFTs Represent the Physical Asset of Part Ownership of, For the People, by the People.

How Can Community Development Help Muslims?

Online Community Development with your local community or broader international groups can increase subscribers to your products, services, businesses, charity, or mission and equally important, help your community have better economies, education, and health.

More Resources of Community Development:

Free Course and Certificate on Community Development

Free Course but paid certificate on Community Development 









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