Ai Generators

Ai Generators

Ai Generators

Asalamu Alykum brothers and sisters,

A Muslim named Muhammad Ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi  (Allah Yarhamu) is the Inventor of the Algorithm that Powers Ai (and Algebra). Artificial Intelligence is a Technology being used more frequently to Automate Content and Media Generation Online, these Can be Great Tools to Learn for Your Education, Business, Revenue Generation, and Dawah

Here are a List of Free Ai Generators:

Ai Article Generators:

Zyro – Free Ai Content Generator

Rytr – Free Ai Content Writer

Simplified – Free Ai Content Maker

Sassbook – Free Ai Article Creator

Smart Copy Free Ai Article Generator

Contentbot – Free Ai Writer

Ai Article Generators Can Average Helping You Write 10 Times Faster, Saving You Time, Our Most Previous Belonging, the Pen being Mightier than the Sword, you can Teach Islam to non-Muslims in multiple languages 10X’s Easier and For Free.

Ai Media Generators

Designs.Ai  – Create logos, videos, banners, mockups with A.I. in 2 minutes with Free Trial

Ai Photo Generator with Free Trial

Text to Video Generator with Free Trial

Create Video from Text in 50 Languages with Free Trial

Convert Articles into Videos with 1 Click not Free but worth mentioning because of their talking Avatars.

Using these Ai Tools is Similar to Using Amazon’s Alexa, You can learn to use Ai to Benefit the Muslim Community with More Pro Muslim Friendly Content for Global Muslim Education

We are Pre-Registering Students for Our Upcoming Ai Developer Course to Create Ai Generators, Continuing Muhammad al-Khwarizmi’s Muslim Pioneering Research and Development, email to sign up!

Jazak Allah Khair

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