Becoming a Muslim Teacher

Allah blessed me to be a Muslim teacher alhamduli’Lah

  1. Born in Cairo in 1971, near the Nile and the Egypt’s 1st Masjid, where many religious people of all Faiths traveled
  2. Parents are Al Azhar University Graduates and nearly 20 years later when my Mom brought an American to accept Islam @ Al Azhar, the Minister there told me my Mom is an Angel, my Father (Allah Yarhamu), always us taught Islam.
  3. My younger sister has worked for Muslim schools half her life, including Al Huda Academy and in an Islamic conference of 1,000, she’s the only one I want to impress 😊
  4. Being Raised in a Judeo-Christian America blessed me with being able to Digest Diversity, giving the Drive to Research and Develop Muslim Education materials to Teach both Jews and Christians to Understand the Continuation of their own teachings to ours starting from the mid 1990’s to present: “Who’s Our Savior: Allah or Jesus”, “Jews for Allah”, “200+ Bible Mysteries Solved by the Quran”, “101 Tanak Mysteries Solved by the Quran”, “The Smartest Religion” and 20+ Muslim Education courses alhamduli’Lah
  5. Being a Graduate of a Western Education system is a blessing to choose any career vs the colonial installed education system in many Muslim countries where a score decides your specific career, limiting 90% of career paths for many Muslims because of a score.
  6. Seeing worldwide injustices from the imbalance of the Education systems between Muslim and Western Countries to being a Minority Muslim in a Majority Judeo-Christian country was very inspiring and taught Empathy to use the #1 tool towards equality and justice: Teaching
  7. I don’t liken myself to El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X) as he didn’t liken himself to St Paul, but, I understand.. how teaching is the #1 mission, how even being told you may get shot for teaching, it is still important to teach because you are helping save the audience, helping a better Future for the Next Generation of Muslims including our own children insha’Allah
  8. Having access to Research some of the top Western Religious teachers including: Pastor Billy Graham (Advised 13 American Presidents with anti-Muslim bias), Evangelist University founder Norman Geisler, top publisher of anti-Muslim material, driving 3 hours to hear his Church sermon while listing to his anti-Muslim audios, listening to the “Witnessing to Jews” audio set by Jews for Jesus who converted 300,000 Jews from Judaism to Christianity, and more.. was very inspiring to learn both the technique and tenacity to teach millions.
  9. Being Raised in the Early 80’s in America taught me the consequences of not having access to a Muslim School, it would be 20 years until Muslims got online to have the blessing to be in a Muslim school from any computer, learning to Read Quran and be in a Muslim School that does not discriminate or judge based on your name or appearance.
  10. Getting a Scholarship to Study at Al Azhar University for a year after Graduating college was amazing after experiencing the sacristy of Muslim Education for 20 years. Al Azhar is one of the best inspirations to teach Islam worldwide and the inspiration to create a Muslim Education Community @