Why Teach @ MuslimSchool.com?

  1. Our Mission is to Save Your life, the students’ lives, and our families with free remote tools for All Muslim Educators, Tutors, Trainers, and Teachers Worldwide.
  2. Our Mission is to Improve Muslim lives by Giving Advanced Education Courses, Health, Food, and Career Resources.
  3. Our Online Muslim School gives you and Masjids Free Web Hosting  for your Classrooms online (MuslimSchool.com/your-class-name)
  4. Free Integrated Credit Payment Systems
  5. Free Zoom Integration
  6. Free Google Classroom Integration
  7. Free Points Reward System for Your Students learning
  8. Teachers Get Reward Points for teaching that convert to being promoted to Board Members of our school and Profit Sharing Partnership @ MuslimSchool.com
  9. You can add video and audio courses like Coursea or Udemy and receive residual income on our Muslim Courses Marketplace
  10. We offer a diverse Muslim Skill Share Platform, Your Education Material can be on anything to Improve Muslim Lives, including Quran Recitation, English as a Second Language, Leadership, Development, Lets Fight Disease, Poverty, Hunger, and Illiteracy together with Education, Earn Money and Sawab!